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Flash Web Design Flash Web Design
by Hillman Curtis

Flash is the perfect tool for creating immersive, interactive, and animated Web site design, and Flash Web Design teaches you to use it to its full potential. The book is broken into two sections: The Essentials and Case Studies. The Essentials section covers the basics of Flash production, illuminating how and why Flash works. The second section is a series of case studies and deconstructions based on projects and problems the author has faced with his clients.

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Flash 4 BibleFlash 4 Bible
by Robert Reinhardt, Jon Warren Lentz

Introductory through Advanced. Learn how to stream animations and create animated logos. Create pop-up menus and rollover buttons with ease. Explore Flash drawing tools, animation controls, and file format support. Learn how to use Flash with Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, FreeHand, Illustrator, Painter, Fireworks, Adobe Dimensions, and Kinetix 3D Studio Max.

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Flash 4 Magic Flash 4 Magic With CD-ROM
by David J. Emberton

The authors have assembled 15 utilities-based projects (a calculator and an online book search animation, for example) and six games. Each project is presented step by step and includes text and complementary screen shots. At the end of each lesson, a "How It Works" section gives insight into the software mechanisms and serves as a review.

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Web Photoshop 5 To Go Web Photoshop 5 To Go
by Jason I. Miletsky

Get down to the nitty-gritty of Photoshop--image maps, transparencies, rollovers, backgrounds, file formats, combining text and layer effects, or building animations--with Web Photoshop 5 to Go . In explaining how to use Photoshop to produce Web-ready graphics, this book targets beginning and intermediate-level Photoshop users who know little or nothing about the demands of the Web.

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Graphic`s, Animation & Interactivity with Flash 4.0 Graphics, Animation & Interactivity with Flash 4.0
by James L. Mohler

Find complete coverage of vector animation as well as information on ad banners, buttons, and animated corporate logos. Coverage includes information on how to integrate sound with animations, create vector images with transparency, and create quick loading animated sequences to play while the rest of the web content downloads! This book is the perfect web design tool and desk reference.

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Flash 4 Web Animation F/X and Design Flash 4 Web Animation F/X and Design
by Ken Milburn, John Croteau

A revised update to Flash 3 Web Animation f/x and Design, this book has expanded exercises and entirely new graphics to suit intermediate to advanced Flash users. Dedicated chapters and real-world tutorials highlight key features of Flash 4 including editable text, automated publishing, and forms capability.

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Flash 4 Creative Web AnimationFlash 4 Creative Web Animation
by  Derek Franklin, Brooks Patton

All features and tools of Flash 4 covered in great detail, including an introduction to the authoring environment, drawing tools, working with text and sound, using bitmap images, working with symbols and instances, using and managing the libraries, working with layers, animation and interactivity, testing and publishing movies.   CD-ROM includes detailed QuickTime video tutorials and source files, a 30-day trial of Flash 4, and tryout versions of other Macromedia applications.

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Effective Web AnimationEffective Web Animation:  Advanced Techniques for the Web
by J. Scott Hamlin

EWA will bring you up-to-date with the latest tools and methods for creating eye-catching animation that won't clog bandwidth space or take forever to download. This book provides an overview of computer animation techniques and in-depth information on producing complex--yet efficient--animation using tools such as GIF, JavaScript, and Macromedia Flash.

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