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3D Studio MAX 3 Professional Animation3D Studio MAX 3 Professional Animation
by Angie Jones, Sean Bonny, Brandon Davis, Sean Miller, Shane Olsen

This book is focused toward intermediate MAX users who are looking to take their animation skill to the next level. 3D Studio MAX 3 Professional Animation shows you how to use tools and commands together to obtain professional animation results.

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3D Studio MAX R3Bible 3D Studio Max R3 Bible
by Kelly Murdock

Packed with expert advice, time-saving tips, and more than 100 step-by-step tutorials, 3D Studio MAX R3 Bible gets you up to speed quickly, whether you're a 3D-modeling beginner or a veteran animator. Complete with a full-color section showcasing animation techniques and a bonus CD-ROM with exclusive plug-ins.

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Inside 3d Studio Max:  AnimationInside 3d Studio Max: Animation
by George Maestri, Sanford Kennedy, Ralph Frantz, Steve Burke, George Macstri

This book gives users outstanding guidance in creating animations using transformation techniques, controllers, and expressions; modeling characters; creating mesh deformations; and creating characters that walk and have facial animations. You also learn how to animate your 3-D environment by adjusting cameras, lights, and atmospheres and by working with particle systems, physics, and such properties as elasticity, friction, and dampening.

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 3D Studio Max Applied Release 2.03D Studio Max Applied Release 2.0
by Andrew Clayton, Nancy Fulton

Designed as a self-training tool for practicing architects, engineers, forensic animators, game developers, and graphic artists, this book helps first-time users of 3D Studio Max master the program quickly. All of the main animation tasks are covered: 2D and 3D modeling, lighting, materials, animation, and specific effects. Tutorials and projects are provided to introduce readers to the difficulties that 40 percent of users experience

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 3D Studio Max 2 Fundamentals 3D Studio Max 2 Fundamentals
by Michael Todd Peterson, Larry Minton

This excellent book covers the basics of 3D Studio Max 2, making it a handy guide for newcomers to the 3-D-modeling and animation program, and even for those who are new to 3-D graphics. The book first introduces the fundamentals of 3-D graphics and workspaces, explaining coordinates, axes lines, polylines, polygons, lights, cameras, animation
, and rendering. There's also a thorough tour of the package's interface that brings viewports, commands, and selections to light.

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 Inside 3D Studio MAX 2Inside 3D Studio MAX 2
by Steven Elliott, Mark Williamson, Dave Espinosa-Aguilar & Jeffrey Abouaf

This volume is a complete tutorial, reference, and production guide to creating professional-quality 3D graphics and animation with MAX 2. Users will learn how to enhance, clarify, and add realism to animation, in addition to picking up tricks used by the industry's top professionals. The CD-ROM contains models, texture maps, and working files of popular plug-ins.

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 Inside 3D Studio MAX 2, Volume 3:  Animation Inside 3D Studio MAX 2, Volume III: Animation
by George Maestri, Angie Jones, Dennis Bradshaw, Jan-Erik Sjovall & Ralph Frantz

This volume is a real-world tutorial for the serious professional or student. The book takes users beyond the basic techniques of animating to provide detailed information. The reader will master the high-end techniques by practicing the detailed tutorials, all of which are supplemented by models and textures on the book's CD-ROM.

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