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word of Mouth:  A Guide to Commercial Voice-Over ExcellenceWord of Mouth : A Guide to Commercial Voice-Over Excellence
by Susan Blu, Molly Ann Mullin

Susan Blu has the credentials: she's an accomplished voice talent, a casting director and a voice acting teacher. Along with tips and tricks, there's a great regional listing of agencies, schools and studios with addresses and phone numbers. She knows her stuff and you'd be doing yourself a favor by following her advice in this book.

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Voiceovers:  Putting Your Mouth  Where The Money IsVoiceovers: Putting Your Mouth Where The Money Is
by Chris Douthitt, Tom Wiecks ( Editor )

Perhaps the most complete overview yet of the voice-over business, this book explains more than just the voice talent's job. It describes the whole production process and what's expected of you by the writer, engineer, ad agency, agent, talent union -- and, of course, the client.

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So You Want To Be A Voice-Over Star So You Want To Be A Voice-Over Star
by Sandy Thomas, Carol A. Anderson (Editor)

So You Want To Be A Voice-over Star is an introspective look into the voice-over industry written by a national voice talent, Sandy Thomas, the National Voice of MSNBC. Sandy is a highly respected voice talent that can also be heard on ESPN & ESPN2, HBO, VH1, MTV, A&E and more. You'll have all your questions answered like HOW DO I GET INTO VOICE-OVERS? WHERE DO I TRAIN FOR THIS FIELD? HOW DO I GET STARTED?

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Making Money in voice-OversMaking Money in Voice-Overs
by Terri Apple, Gary Owens

Published: Mar 1999 - From Rugrats to Big Macs, voice-over careers are the best kept and highest paying secrets in the world. This book has been written to help the actor, radio DJ, vocal impressionist, and amateur cartoon voice succeed in voice-overs, no matter what part of the country they may live in. Reviews give it 5 out 5 stars!

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The Art of voice ActingThe Art of Voice Acting
by James R. Alburger

Published: Nov. 1998 - This book introduces performers to the business of voice work, working with talent and casting agents, preparing the demo tape, and getting that tape into the hands of those likely to be hiring. This book discusses the variety of work available and how to find it. It also offers career management tips, such as working with a personal agent and keeping detailed records

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There`s Money Where Your Mouth IsThere's Money Where Your Mouth Is
by Elaine A. Clark

Published: Oct 1995 - This is a text book for beginning and advanced voice actors. The author wrote it as a true "how to" book so that actors could read the material and practice along. If used properly, you will make money with your voice.

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