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LightWave 3D Applied Version 5.6 LightWave 3D Applied Version 5.6
by  Dave Jerrard, Scott Wheeler,  Joe Tracy

The first chapter in LightWave 3D Applied is for those with no prior experience using the program. Chapters 2-10 are much more in-depth for those with intermediate to professional experience. Chapter 11 wraps up the whole process with inside tips on how to break into Hollywood for the ultimate animation job. A reader sent an email to the LightWave Applied team thanking them because he had made it into a top five visual effects company in Hollywood by following the advice in chapter 11.

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LightWave 6LightWave 6(Inside)
by  Dan Ablan

An introduction to LightWave--along with workflow and style--makes up the first part of the book. This section also covers features that are new to version 6, but because there is so much that is new (NewTek rewrote the program from the ground up) you won't find a simple list of what's been changed. Instead, the book approaches the program from the beginning, describing in detail how the two separate modules--Modeler and Layout--work together to form a powerful animation system.

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 The LightWave 3D Book:  Tips,Techniques and Ready-To-Use ObjectsThe LightWave 3D Book: Tips, Techniques and Ready-To-Use Objects
by LightWave Pro Magazine

This book and CD-ROM form the perfect complement to any LightWave 3D animator's toolkit. The book brings together the best tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials from LightWave Pro magazine. Extensively illustrated with 600 b&w photos. The CD-ROM contains more than 600 MB of 3D objects.

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LightWave Power Guide:  The Definative Guide To LightWave's Hidden Power with CD-ROMLightWave Power Guide:  The Definative Guide To LightWave's Hidden Power with CD-ROM
by Dan Ablan

This book is a visual guide to unleashing LightWave's true power. It breaks down the powerful high-end functions of LightWave and presents them with simple explanations and visual examples. Enables users to begin creating professional-quality LightWave animations, and the CD-ROM includes models, textures, project files, and demonstrations of LightWave animations

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