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Talking Animals and Other PeopleTalking Animals and Other People
by Shamus Culhane

Along with Mike Barrier's "Hollywood Cartoons" the best book written on the history of the medium. Some quibble about these books being "Disney-centric," but both books pay homage to the man who FIRST emphasized CHARACTER and PERSONALITY in the animated film.

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Cartoon Animation (How to Draw and Paint Series)
by Preston Blair

In a book to be treasured by cartoonists and animation and film buffs alike, a master of the craft demonstrates the fundamentals of drawing for the screen, offering tips on two- and four-legged figure construction, body and facial movements, and realistic dialogue, and illustrating concepts such as speed, impact, weight, and recoil. Color photos and line drawings.

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Art in MotionArt in Motion
by Nancy Nevinskas, Carol H. Pizer

What happens when you mix fine arts with physical education? The results include fun, a foundation for art appreciation, body awareness, and improved motor skills. Bonus sections include a parent handbook and lists of sources for supplies.

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The Encyclopedia of Animatee CartoonsThe Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons
by Jeff Lenburg, Jeff Leaburg

 From Jeff Lenburg's obsessive fascination with the subject comes this ultimate guide to cartoons. More than 2,200 cartoon entries encompass all aspects of this twentieth-century cultural phenomenon: creators, directors, production studios, voice talent, episode titles, and dates of release. With a forward by June Foray (the voice behind Granny and Rocky the Squirrel), more than 150 illustrations, and a nutshell history of American animation, this home reference details every cartoon and every cartoon character ever created.

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Animation 101Animation 101
by Ernest Pintoff

Animation 101 presents an overview of animation past and present from an insider's point of view. Includes materials on breakthrough animators from the amazing Walt Disney to the irreverent Ralph Baksi .

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HollyWood Cartoons Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation In It's Golden Age
by Michael Barrier

Published: April 1999 - Take a guided tour of American animation in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s and meet the legendary artists and entrepreneurs who created Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse, and many other cartoon favorites. 50 halftones.

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Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques Advanced Animation & Rendering Techniques
by Alan Watt & Mark Watt

An exposition of state-of-the-art techniques in rendering and animation. This book provides a unique synthesis of techniques and theory. Each technique is illustrated with a series of full-color frames showing the development of the example.

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The Animation Book The Animation Book : A Complete Guide to Animated Filmmaking-From Flip-Books to Sound Cartoons to 3-D Animation
by Kit Laybourne

Revised and updated, this complete guide to the art and science of animation now includes extensive information on the latest computer-generated animation techniques. Illustrated throughout, including graphics from today's cutting-edge studios, The Animation Book is an authoritative reference and standard text in the field.

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The Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques The Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques
by Dick Taylor

From traditional cel animation to the most up-to-date computer animation, this volume covers a wide variety of animation techniques. Readers learn about lighting, characterization, mixed media, and even puppet-making. Readers understand the steps involved in going professional--from how animation studios operate to te nitty gritty of budgeting. Over 200 colore photos.

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The Animators WorkbookThe Animators Workbook
by Tony White

An award winning animator offers a complete course on the principles and techniques of drawn animation, covering every aspect of the process. In clear text and step-by-step drawings, he shows how to capture movement, expression, and emotion. Full-color illustrations.

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Animated CartoonsAnimated Cartoons
by E.G. Lutz

Animated Cartoons offers tips on drawing anatomy and motion and how motion pictures are made and work. It was used by Walt Disney as a primer on animation, and Disney relied heavily on its advice and teaching. This book is the best place to start actually making animation.

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Animation from Script to Screen Animation from Script to Screen
by Shamus Culhane

This book gives an in-depth look into the workings of an animation studio, along with generous instuctions on bettering your animating techniques. If you are serious about becoming an animator than this book offers exercises for you to participate in.

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