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Reader Review of Shrek
by Anne Price

What's green, not so mean, and DreamWorks grandest money making scheme?

Shrek has taken America just as easily as he took the band of henchmen for the evil Lord Farquaard. How could a Garboesque Ogre with chronic halitosis manage such a feat?

It's not the animation. While technically dazzling and surreal, computer animation can only go so far. This ogre (Michael Myers in his standard bit o' brogue accent) has heart. Because of it, so does this movie.

At turns caustic and charming, both fare best when allowing real emotion to bleed through surface snarl. "Ogres are like onions. They have layers," explains Shrek to his sidekick, Donkey (another great turn by Eddie Murphy, who needs to find a new niche before he carves himself into a hole).

This movie has layers, too. Skewering what it professes to loathe -- "fairy tale trash" -- in the end, the bedrock of Shrek rests firmly on the well-trod ground of dreams coming true. Even if those dreams are a little twisted.

Forget the animation. Like Cinderella as told by Edgar Allen Poe, the clever twists and ingenious quirks are what makes Shrek three-dimensional in every sense of the word.


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