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Shrek Feedback
Shrek Feedback is where visitors can share their feedback on any aspect of DreamWorks / PDI's animated movie, Shrek. To submit your feedback, you must be at least 13 years of age. Email your thoughts, along with your first and last name, to Put in the subject line "Shrek Feedback." Select comments will be republished here and are subject to editing.

Loved It! (contains spoiler)
I loved this show. I saw it with my 30 year old son, his girlfriend and his 5 year old daughter. The animation was excellent, very colorful and lifelike. But the story itself was very captivating and charming. It was nice to see the Ogre win the love of a princess who turned out to be charming either pretty or as an ogre.

It looks like the millenium has come to fairytale town. A new look, very funny and captivating. Ugly is in!

We walked out feeling our money was well spent and we did nto waste the afternoon. That means it was a great movie!!! ~ Sally DiVecchia

Language Inappropriate
My family, my wife and our two pre-teen girls, saw Shrek this evening. The passing gas humor while tasteless was not overly offensive. It was a blatant attempt at getting a laugh appealing to the lowest common denominator for humor [I would think that DreamWorks would have been above that; I was wrong]. What I did find offensive and very disturbing is the totally pointless use of inappropriate and foul language. If DreamWorks was seeking for the shock value of such language, you achieved that end.

It is one thing to be exposed to Eddie Murphy in a night club setting where such language is not only common, but expected. It is quite another to have it present in what otherwise is an attempt at a family oriented movie. The language detracted from what would otherwise have been a clever movie. You have fallen short.

I'm a product of the 50s and 60s. The humor of Moms Mabley and Redd Foxx was brilliant. But it was not suitable for children, nor was it ever touted in that manner. Much the same has to be said for Eddie Murphy. In the proper venue he is brilliant. But ad-libbing and/or scripted coarse and foul language as used in Shrek is not suitable for children. Anyone with an understanding of the movie's appeal to children should have realized that as the film was being edited and prepared for release. My only conclusion is that it was done in a premeditated manner to both shock and offend.

I had a long talk with my girls about the inappropriate use of language that was present in your film. My daughters asked why would people who are making a movie for kids allow such language to be used. Didn't they have good writers they asked? Didn't they know what they are doing? Don't they have children? all I could tell them that the makers of Shrek were appealing to base and senseless humor, explaining that when a person has to resort to such language, it is because he or she lacks the education to communicate in any other fashion. After much discussion they understood and asked that we not go to any other movies produced by your company.

Perhaps your executives could take a page out of Rob Reiner's producing efforts. They could learn a lesson from Reiner's Princess Bride. That is a family movie. It is multi-layered and cleverly written and acted. It is filled with fantasy and magic, something that Shrek lacks. ~ Andrew Reynolds Jr.

Shrek on Must See List
"Shrek is on my must see list for this summer. There have been so many live action parodies that it is refreshing to see an animated parody for a change. Thank you for an informative Shrek site." ~ Emma Sorenson

Trailers Getting Better
"When I saw the first movie trailer for Shrek, I wasn't too impressed. However, the more I've seen the more interesting this movie has become. I'm even looking forward to seeing it more than Pearl Harbor now!" ~ Robert Jacobs

DreamWorks Overtaking Disney?
Is it my imagination or is DreamWorks becoming what Disney use to be? Disney use to be the leader in marketing animated movies and producing state of the art quality in all aspects of the animated film. Now it seems that DreamWorks has replaced Disney in both overall animation quality and marketing. Disney needs to use a little of its Pixie Dust to bring back the magic. ~ Ellen Wright

Why PG?
Why must these children's movies be rated PG? I'll bet if they put out
two versions of Shrek - one G and one PG, the G version would do better. ~ Doug Hunt

Shrek Costume Creation
(editor's note: a couple that visits this Shrek site - Matt & Loana O'Connor got into the festive Halloween spirit by designing their own Shrek outfits. Here's a picture they sent us, which we liked enough to request their permission to republish it here, which was granted.)

Have you done something unique involving Shrek? If so, tell us about it or send us a picture and it may be republished here.

About the Score
I must admit, I was disappointed when I heard that DreamWorks released a soundtrack composed entirely of pop rock songs for their second computer-animated film, Shrek.

1.) The songs have NO significance with the time and setting whatsoever (though I know it's a parody) and

2.) less than half of these songs aren't even in the movie!

However, I am now glad and relieved that they are releasing a separate soundtrack of background music. If ANTZ ever did deliver anything good, it was the soundtrack composed entirely of the background score, and I'm glad that they're continuing that pattern with Shrek. ~ Andrew Kaiko

Parents Beware
We just saw Shrek and I will not be buying it when it comes back out on tape. Eddie Murphy was wonderful and Mike Myers was wonderful but not for my five year old son. I very seriously doubt that we will attend another movie made by DreamWorks if this this is what you think is intended for children. Especially the sexual innuendo in the Robin Hood scene. It's totally uncalled for and inappropriate. ~ Sharee Hancock

Be Responsible
I wanted to tell you that, as a parent of a nine year old boy, I was terribly disappointed in the language in the film Shrek. We liked the movie very much but just could not believe that your company felt it necessary to include obvious foul language. Our friends asked whether they should take their eight year old son and four year old daughter. I told my friend about the language and that the only way I would take children these ages would be to sit down and have a long talk about what is appropriate language and that some of these words and phrases could not be repeated. My neighbor who was talking with us (who had taken her five year old son to see the film) said that she did not recommend the film because of the four letter words and went as far to say that she would not have taken her son had she known the content.

We normally rely on Screen It to check for content, but we went at the last minute and did not have time prior to the film. I certainly did not expect that a film which was obviously made and marketed to children my son's age would contain so many four letter words. Even the various alternatives for "donkey" had to be explained to my son - he thought there were more foul words than I did.

Please consider the impact your productions have on children and be responsible. We will not be seeing another Dreamworks film without some prior screening and, if the pattern of language is continued, we will not be patrons of your films or products.
Sherrie Hamby

Disappointed with Language
I strongly agree with the views and comments of the other caring parents who have viewed this movie with their young children. I have a five and seven year old who at times laugh at the typical comical scenes, and noticed when the language was inappropriate. Apart from the profanity, and negative derogatory undertones, I think this movie could have been considered a classic, and I would consider purchasing the video as a keepsake for my children and grandchildren. ~ Yvonne M. Johnson

Upset Over Score
"I am very upset that DreamWorks is not releasing the background score to Shrek. It is an injustice to fans of background scores and to the work of Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell. With the virtual guaranteed success of Shrek, I hope DreamWorks will right an injustice by releasing the full background score to the film." ~ John Cramer

Shrek Not for Kids
On May 8, 2001, my family and I had the chance to preview the movie Shrek from Dreamworks entertainment. I now feel I must warn all of you before the movie is released. This movie is NOT what it appears to be. Although it appears to be a children's animated film it is not fit for children of any age. The movie is filled with "potty humor", and "coarse jesting." Not only is the story filled with bad visual and audible jokes, it also has a song from "Robin Hood" which includes a reference to oral s*x.

Although the young children in the audience probably didn't understand the reference my thirteen year old son did and was very surprised to find it in this movie. It saddened me that this film company, who also has produced the Moses and Joseph stories, has released this movie in this form. The story line is cute and could have been done without the crude language and joking. Shame on Dreamworks.

It may be the only movie released for children at this time but you and your family would do better to rent or buy a Veggie Tales video or even the videos Joseph: King of Dreams or The Prince of Egypt from Dreamworks. I'm sorry to have to report this to you but I want to keep my friends and family from wasting time and money on this movie. ~ Alice Ritchie Ramsey




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