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Monday - April 16, 2001
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- Star Wars Weekends at Disney MGM Studios
- News Link of the Day - Microsoft's 'Clippy' Headed for the Trash

(by digitalmediafx.com) On June 29, Warner Bros. will release AI: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE into theaters nationwide. To date, however, Warner Bros. has only released teaser trailers, but not an actual movie trailer, for the film even though A.I. opens in just over two months.

AI has been under a veil of secrecy ever since filming started last summer. Few know, for example, that AI has over 500 FX shots in it and will be one of the biggest FX-filled movies of the summer. The FX are said to be so incredible that AI will be a shoe-in for a Best Visual Effects nomination for next year's Academy Awards. To bring the effects to life, Spielberg called upon Dennis Muren. Muren's work is well known as he was the Visual Effects Supervisor for Star Wars: Episode 1, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Terminator 2, The Abyss and Return of the Jedi to name a few. Industrial Light & Magic (which is completing work on Pearl Harbor) is the effects company behind the A.I. scenes.

Based on a treatment by Stanley Kubrick, AI was written and directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie deals with the human races need for artificial intelligence in order to maintain a regular lifestyle. However, one particular artificial intelligent robot, a boy, yearns to be something more. AI follows this boy's journey. While the film is said to have small touches of Pinocchio, Bicentennial Man, Terminator 2, ID4, and Waterworld, advanced word is that the movie completely stands on its own in the area of originality, sci-fi, and the ability to advance the film-making medium.

So how realistic is artificial intelligence in the near future? According to the U.K.'s Ananova, "Russian scientists claim to have developed the first artificial brain with the same intellectual potential as a human. The neuro-computer is based on the workings of the human brain cell and can out perform previous brain models. It uses pioneering findings in neurophysiology and neuromorphology to produce a truly thinking machine."

AI has not yet been rated, but is expected to be rated by early May. It is narrated by Robin Williams and scored by John Williams.

Here are two pictures from AI:

A.I. - Image (c) Warner Bros
A.I. - Image (c) Warner Bros

There is no current update as to when Warner Bros. plans to release a full trailer for AI However, Warner Bros. next two upcoming films, which it could be attached to, are Driven (April 27) and Angel Eyes (May 18). In the meantime, you can view the two teasers from the dFX Movie Trailers section.

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Avenging AngelRelease Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
(by digitalmediafx.com) It's a very slow week for the release of animated, FX, and anime DVD releases. Only three DVDs - all anime - are being released tomorrow. And they are:

Angel Links - Avenging Angel (Vol. 1 - anime)
Arc the Lad - Hunters and Monsters (Vol. 1) (1999 - anime)
Gundam Wing the Movie - Endless Waltz (Edited Version - anime)

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Star Wars Weekends at Disney MGM Studios
(by digitalmediafx.com) Disney and LucasFilm are teaming up to produce the second annual Star Wars Weekends at Disney MGM Studios in Florida. Beginning May 4 and continuing four four consecutive weekends, a number of Star Wars events will happen throughout the park. This includes an array of costumed Star Wars characters, actual actors/actresses signing autographs, trivia challenges, behind the scenes look at the original trilogy, and a special sneak peek at Episode II. Some guests will also be selected to be a part of "Jedi Training Camp" to learn lightsaber fighting techniques. The festivities are held on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between May 4 and May 27.

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News Link of the Day - Microsoft's 'Clippy' Headed for the Trash

According to CNN:

"Another victim bites the dust in the technology tailspin, but few will mourn the passing of 'Clippy.'

The pesky paper clip, complete with bug eyes and Groucho Marx brows, made his animated debut on Microsoft Office 97. A default feature of the program, he appears uninvited with annoyingly obvious comments like, 'It looks like you are writing a letter'..."

Click here for the full story.

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