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Animation / FX Cheers and Sneers - November 2001
(by Here is the list of Digital Media FX's November 2001 Cheers and Sneers for the animation and visual effects industries:

Cheers!Cheers: To Pixar and Disney for the amazing $62.6 million three day opening weekend. It was the biggest three day opening ever for an animated movie.

SneersSneers: George Lucas and Warner Bros. who announced that a new trailer for Star Wars Episode II would appear before Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone then being unable to properly negotiate the showing in all theaters. This left the majority of people who went to see the trailer in the cold.

Cheers!Cheers: Pixar and Disney surprised audiences with a new Monsters, Inc. trailer before Harry Potter called "Charades" that was quite humorous while paying homage to the popularity of Harry Potter. Even Warner Bros. reportedly loved it.

SneersSneers: DreamWorks released Shrek to video and DVD on the same day Monsters, Inc. opened then lost another promotional deal with THX (to put Shrek characters on the THX promotion the same day Monsters, Inc. was released) that it blamed on Disney.

Cheers!Cheers: The first ever Best Animated Feature Oscar for the Academy Awards is a go as enough entries were received (barely) to qualify the category.

SneersSneers: Harry Potter fans attending a preview of the movie in Scotland stole over 1,000 Harry Potter promotional items (posters, hoardings, banners, cutout figures) with 15 minutes of the shows end.

Cheers!Cheers: DreamWorks massive initial sales of its Shrek DVD and video. In the first three days of its release to video/DVD, Shrek made over $110 million in sales. Two discs were included with the DVD and sold for the normal price of one DVD.

Cheers!Cheers: DreamWorks finally makes it official that a score soundtrack will be released for Shrek. It will ship on December 4 (click here to order).

SneersSneers: CINAR's problems continue as a group of American shareholders demand the removal of the Canadian animation company's board of directors.

Cheers!Cheers: The producers of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring reportedly refuse a studio request to cut the movie down. The running time is announced as 2 hours and 58 minutes.

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