March 2001 Animation and FX Cheers and Jeers. Recognizing the good and bad in the animation and FX industries.
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Animation / FX Cheers and Sneers - March 2001
(by Here is the list of Digital Media FX's March 2001 Cheers and Sneers for the animation and visual effects industries:

SneersSneers: After the passing of William Hanna, Warner Bros. fails to properly recognize his memory and contributions to the TV cartoon industry. Many within the industry are still waiting for Warner Bros. to distribute a press release honoring Hanna's memory.

Cheers!Cheers: In the U.K. and Ireland, Warner Bros. arranges for more than 200 movie theaters to show the new Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie trailer on the big screen, in a continuous loop, for free.

Cheers!Cheers: The Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts Opens at the USC School of Cinema. It is one of the most advanced digital arts facilities in the world.

SneersSneers: AOL Time Warner announces that it is merging the WB broadcast network and Turner basic cable networks, including the Cartoon Network, into one - the Turner Broadcasting System. Look for the Cartoon Network to lose a lot of its originality as it becomes more like Kids WB!

Cheers!Cheers: Dennis the Menace turns 50 years old!

SneersSneers: Gladiator (FX by The Mill) tops The Perfect Storm (FX by Industrial Light and Magic) for the "Best Visual Effects" Oscar, shocking visual effects industry insiders.

Cheers!Cheers: The Mill gains industry recognition from its Gladiator "Best Visual Effects" Academy Award and high profile work on the upcoming Tomb Raider and Harry Potter movies.

SneersSneers: Warner Bros. claims that one city - San Antonio - will determine whether a newly remastered Superman with added footage will get a wider release. Despite high ratings from audiences, Warner Bros. decides to kill any potential wider release.

Cheers!Cheers: The 100 year anniversary of the birth of Ub Iwerks is recognized as people find out more about this aspiring animator who was a vital part of Walt Disney's early years.

Cheers!Cheers: Pixar signs John Lasseter to a 10-year contract insuring that the visionary behind the success of Pixar's first three animated productions keeps Pixar recognized as one of the best animation studios in the world.

SneersSneers: Disney announces it is laying off 4,000 employees just a few months after CEO Michael Eisner accepts an $11.5 million bonus. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Disney is going to slice animator salaries.

Cheers!Cheers: "Best Animated Short" Academy Award winner Michael Dudok de Wit (for "Father & Daughter") gives the shortest speech at the Academy Awards, winning an HDTV set and gaining worldwide attention.

Cheers!Cheers: To the memory of William Hanna — a true visionary in the cartoon industry. You will be deeply missed and forever remembered.

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