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Beauty and the Beast Feedback
Beauty and teh Beast Feedback is where visitors can share their opinion on any aspect of Disney's animated movie, whether it be the original version, work in progress version, or IMAX version. To submit your feedback, you must be at least 13 years of age. Email your thoughts, along with your first and last name, to Put in the subject line "Beauty Feedback." Select comments will be republished here and are subject to editing.

A Real Enjoyment
Beauty and the Beast is a first for many people, but they all have different reasons why. For me, it was the first movie I remember actually getting into the plot and really enjoying. I was, at most, ten years old, and since the last Disney feature before that was The Little Mermaid, I was even younger, so I didn't get most of the jokes or the subplots in the Mermaid film. With Beauty and the Beast, I first became aware of the details, like why the Beast was tormented, how those three girls went gaga over Gaston, and how LeFou was just making a fool of himself!
~ Andrew Kaiko

Best Picture
Beauty and the Beast should have won the 1991 Oscar for Best Picture. It was clearly a superior film to Silence of the Lambs (which won) on many levels. It's a shame that Beauty and the Beast won't be going up against Shrek or Monsters, Inc. for the new animation Oscar because it could easily beat both of those excellent efforts. It's also too bad that Disney has gotten rid of most of the talent that brought this magic to the Mouse Kingdom.
~Dana Jeffries

Most Romantic Story
Beauty and the Beast is by far one of the most romantic stories ever told. From its release in 1991 to its re-release Jan.1,2002, Beauty and the Beast has captured the hearts of many, from the very young to the very old. This Disney classic brings a very big name to the Walt Disney corp. with its one of a kind animation, dynamic songs, and extreme color.
~ Samantha Bhatia






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