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Disney Changes Release Date for
Beauty and the Beast on IMAX

Beauty and the Beast(by Disney has moved its IMAX rerelease of Beauty and the Beast from March 8, 2002 to January 1, 2002. No reason was given for the change.

"Clearly, New Year's Day has been a lucky date for us, and we are continuing that tradition with Beauty and the Beast," says Dick Cook, chairman of the Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group. "Directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale and producer Don Hahn took this 'tale as old as time' and created a special film, one that has quickly become an audience favorite and the highlight of our Studio's animation renaissance. It looks great on the giant screen and we can't wait to share it with audiences around the world."

On March 30, Digital Media FX published an article titled IMAX Troubles Continue - Can Animation Save It? The article talked about IMAX losses and how it is relying on Disney to help save it through rereleasing animated films to IMAX. Even DreamWorks has hinted that it could possibly release a version of Shrek to IMAX in the future.

Rereleasing Beauty and the Beast next year will be near the film's 10 year anniversary. According to Disney, the remastered film will include a newly-animated song sequence and enhanced imagery that animators spent over a year working on. The new musical sequence features the song "Human Again" by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. It was originally written for the original version of the movie, but was cut after it was storyboarded.

"Human Again" is a festive sequence in which the enchanted characters dream about what they'll do when they change back into their original forms. This marks the first time that Disney has ever animated a new sequence for a previously-released feature.

Beauty and the Beast took in over $350 million dollars at the box office worldwide when it was released in 1991.

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