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Don Hahn Shows Beauty and the Beast Clips

(by On Thursday, May 17, Don Hahn, producer of Disney’s animated, Academy Award winning Beauty and the Beast delivered the Keynote Address at a luncheon at the California Science Center for The Large Format Cinema Association’s 5th annual conference and film festival. . Hahn, one of the industry’s most influential and successful animation producers, is the only producer ever nominated for a Best Picture Oscar for an animated film by the Motion Picture Academy.

For his keynote, Hahn addressed issues affecting the large format industry, and discussed the upcoming large format treatments of two Disney animated films: the January 1, 2002 re-release of Beauty and the Beast, which includes an added, never-before-seen musical number, "Human Again", and this summer’s original Atlantis. Following the luncheon, attendees were treated to a 15/70 clip of Beauty and the Beast at the CSC’s IMAX theater.

Disney is at the forefront of bringing feature films to IMAX theaters. Fantasia 2000 was the first large format blockbuster film produced by a major studio, and at 75 minutes is nearly twice as long as most large format features. It is also the first large format film to have premiered day-and-date and run as a simultaneous engagement in all its theaters, as well as occupying 100% of each theater's show schedule.

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