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Beauty and the Beast DVD - Fall 2002

(by Disney will release Beauty and the Beast to video and DVD in Fall 2002 after it has concluded most of its IMAX run (scheduled to go beyond Spring 2002 as demand warrants).

Disney has yet to announce whether it plans to release a widescreen version of Beauty and the Beast to theaters after the initial IMAX run. Disney did a widescreen release of Fantasia 2000 after its initial IMAX run, but it met with disastrous results. However, Fantasia 2000 didn't have a large built-in audience like Beauty and the Beast, which would benefit by playing on the widescreen in the hundreds of cities that don't have IMAX theaters.

Disney has named the IMAX version, Beauty and the Beast: The Large Format Cinema Special Edition and may release both the special edition and original version in its special DVD set in Fall 2002. Beauty and the Beast will be part of Disney's "Platinum Edition" DVDs which are given more elite treatment than regular Disney DVDs. Disney has some unique options with Beauty and the Beast as the IMAX version will be the third version of the movie.

1) Work in Progress Version
2) Original Version
3) Large Format Cinema Version with New Footage

The Work in Progress version of Beauty and the Beast was shown the opening night of the 1991 New York Film Festival with several scenes still in storyboard or line drawing format. It was a hit. The Work in Progress version later found its way to Laser Disc and could conceivably be released to DVD or included as part of the Platinum Edition.

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