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Products: Toon Boom Studio 1.0
Toon Boom Studio 1.0(April 14, 2001) Toon Boom Technologies, a leading supplier of 2D animation software for major film and television studios, including Klasky-Csupo (Rugrats in Paris) and Warner Bros, today announced Toon Boom Studio 1.0, 2D software that powers compelling Web animation. Ideal for Web designers, advertising agencies and anyone else creating online content, the software simplifies the creation process by automating traditional animation tasks, leaving more time for user creativity.

With the rapid evolution of creative and technical standards for the Web, designers require tools that can deliver high quality animation efficiently and economically. Toon Boom Studio 1.0 derives its high-end features from Toon Boom Technologies' expertise in the animation market.

"Toon Boom Studio changes the way Web content is developed," said Jacques Bilodeau, Toon Boom's CEO. "By bridging the gap between animation and the Web, our software frees creativity from technological constraints. We see tremendous opportunities as Toon Boom Studio 1.0 opens the door for Web developers to leverage animation in the online community."

Toon Boom Studio's complete suite of tools transforms the production workflow, automating the process, and allowing for tighter control over drawing. Paperless drawing, inking and painting, and the ability to plan your scenes in a 3D space empower the animator to illustrate compelling animations. Features include:

- 3D scene planning for greater scene complexity. The animator can intuitively modify any part of the scene and the system will automatically adjust to the change;

- Lip synchronization to eliminate delays in vocal adjustments while increasing drawing accuracy;

- Optimized SWF rendering engine producing very compact files for greater motion dynamics, improving Web aesthetics;

- Elimination of repetitive tasks, allowing the animator to express ideas quickly.

Toon Boom StudioTM 1.0 will enter its public beta phase in Q2 and will be commercially available for both Mac and PC shortly after. By registering at www.toonboomstudio.com, users will be able to participate in the public beta test and purchase the product directly from the website. The new product will be introduced in North America and will expand rapidly to other key international markets including Japan, United Kingdom, France and Germany by the end of 2001.

Toon Boom Studio 1.0 is available for $499 USD. The software can be pre-purchased through May 13, 2001 at a 70 percent rebate for $150 USD. The product is available at a special discounted price for students for $99 USD. Toon Boom Studio 1.0 is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

About Toon Boom Technologies Inc.
Based in Montreal, Canada, Toon Boom Technologies Inc. is a world-leading supplier of 2D animation software. With a presence in more than 30 countries, Toon Boom Technologies provides a complete suite of high-performance, web-enabled desktop tools and services to creators and producers of 2D animation, including USAnimation®, USAnimation® Web Edition and Toon Boom StudioTM. Founded in 1994,Toon Boom Technologies offers a 100% vector-based, resolution independent and multi-layer software system with multi-format output to HDTV, Film, DVD, Imax and Macromedia® Flash. Toon Boom Technologies' products supply the 2D animation market with the digital production tools for market-leader studios such as Klasky Csupo, Warner Bros., DreamWorks, Paramount, MGM and Wild Brain. For additional information, visit Toon Boom on the Web at www.toonboom.com.

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