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For Immediate Release
February 4, 2002

Digital Media FX Announces New Column
by Shannon Muir - "Animated Insights for Non Artists"

(Santa Barbara, CA) Digital Media FX, the leading online publication for animators, visual effects artists, and animation enthusiasts, is pleased to announce a new online column by Shannon Muir titled "Animated Insights for Non Artists." Muir is known in the animation industry for her work as a production coordinator for Nickelodeon's Invader Zim. She also served as a Production Coordinator for Extreme Ghostbusters and a Production Assistant for Jumanji: The Animated Series.. Muir is an accomplished writer and often participates on panels or as a guest speaker at conventions like Comic Con International.

"It is an honor to have Shannon as a regular columnist for Digital Media FX," says Joe Tracy, publisher of Digital Media FX. "Her past articles in the realm of animation have been very insightful and it's great to have that insight now being shared with Digital Media FX readers."

Animated Insights for Non-Artists covers animation from the perspective of people who are in the industry but don't create artwork. Writers, voice actors and directors, producers, production coordination personnel, timers and checkers, and post-production staff are all part of the team. The column will offer career advice and insight from professionals, informative whether you're trying to decide a career path or active in the field.

"As I've progressed in my own animation career, I've found few resources tailored to the non-artists in the field," says Muir. "I want to try and improve that, and feel Digital Media FX is a strong way to reach that audience. Being part of a specialized community such as Digital Media FX makes that information easier to locate, and provides the ability to dovetail with other information on the site for an enriching experience."

Exclusive columns by Muir for Digital Media FX will launch on February 15, 2002. Begin February 5, some of Muir's past columns will be reprinted on Digital Media FX (www.digitalmediafx.com). Muir joins columnist Jim Hill and feature writer Noell Wolfgram Evans as a regular monthly contributor to Digital Media FX.

Muir's columns will provide insight that to help those within the animation industry - and those trying to get in - achieve a wider outlook at the industry as a whole.

"I started out just wanting to write for animation, but have found that the more you know about all aspects of the industry, the better off you are to survive in it," says Muir. "Comprehensive coverage is something Digital Media FX strives for; being part of that will be a rewarding experience for myself and the readers."

About Digital Media FX
Digital Media FX is a free online magazine for animators, FX artists, students, and animation enthusiasts. The publication is updated 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends. The magazine is located at www.digitalmediafx.com.

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