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Tuesday - March 20, 2001
- Duke Nukem Video Game to Become Movie
- Antz Movie to Become Another Video Game
- Box Office Report: Animated Films
- News Link of the Day - Pixar Whizzes Earn Overdue Tech Oscar

Duke Nukem Video Game to Become Movie
(by Another video game is about to be made into a special effects movie. The rights to create a movie from Duke Nukem have been acquired by Dimension Films. For the film, the main character, Duke, assumes the role of Earth's best defense against all form of alien threat. He takes on the dangerous mission of traveling into deep space to intercept an alien ship on a collision course for Earth.

Dimension Films acquired the rights to make Duke Nukem: The Movie from Threshold Entertainment. The company is aiming for a PG-13 rating for the movie.

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Antz Movie to Become Another Video Game
(by The characters from DreamWorks Antz movie (created by its PDI subsidiary) are about to star in their own racing game. Empire Interactive and LSP have announced that they are working on Antz Racing to be released on the following platforms: Playstation 2, X-BOX, Gameboy Advance, and PC.

According to a press release announcing the game, "In Antz Racing, a major racing contest is organized to prove that there is, indeed, a better place -- Insectopia! All the insect tribes take part in a championship series, which lasts throughout the four seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring."

There will be odd vehicle stiles such as sardine tins and soda cans. The game will include five different "worlds" that include an anthill, frozen pond, city, forest, and Insectopia.

The game is expected to ship next year.

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The Emperor's New GrooveBox Office Report: Animated Films
(by Disney's Recess: School's Out came in 12th at the box office over the weekend, bringing its four week total to $33.3 million. Meanwhile, Disney's The Emperor's New Groove has reached $87 million, a figure no one expected after its low opening weekend last December.

The live action mixed with animation movie Monkeybone continues to plummet at the box office. After three weeks in theaters, it has only managed to bring in $5.2 million.

The IMAX animated movie CyberWorld 3D continues to play in 35 IMAX theaters nationwide. It has scored $6.7 million to date on IMAX screens.

The next animated film to be released will be Pokemon 3, hitting theaters nationwide on April 6, followed by Shrek on May 18.

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News Link of the Day - Pixar Whizzes Earn Overdue Tech Oscar

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

"There used to be a line that separated a real motion picture image from a fake one. It was abstract, but it called attention to the fact that you were watching a cheesy visual-effects moment. In 1983, a computer program blurred that line until it became a seam invisible to the naked eye.

The program, called Renderman, forever altered the way synthetic images are married to live-action shots. Entire digital universes seemingly borrowed from dreamscapes now happen onscreen, but all viewers see is the story..."

Click here for the full story.

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