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Friday - March 16, 2001
- 1925's The Lost World Coming to Video on April 3
- CINAR Appoints New Supervising Producer of Animation
- Details on Mr. Bean Cartoon Series
- News Link of the Day - Nintendo Unveils Next Generation Game Boy

1925's The Lost World
Coming to Video on April 3

(by The classic 1925 silent movie, The Lost World, is coming to video and DVD on April 3. Based on a novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World was considered a cinematic triumph for its time period with its early stop motion animation techniques by Willis O'Brien. O'Brien was one of the first to bring to life a cast of prehistoric creatures, including stegosaurus, allosaurus, brontosaurus, triceratops and pterodactyl. The Lost World originally opened nationwide on Feb. 15, 1925.

The DVD includes a commentary with Roy Pilot, author of "The Annotated Lost World," 12 minutes of unseen outtakes and a choice of two stereo music scores, one traditional and the other with a more modern flair. A 20 page booklet, featuring a reproduction of the original film's souvenir program is included with the DVD edition.

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CINAR Appoints New Supervising Producer of Animation
(by CINAR has appointed John Fretz as the company's Supervising Producer of Animation. Prior to CINAR, Fretz had served as First Assistant Director for several Canadian movies like Taken, Strip Search, and Le Sphinx. Fretz is an Honors graduate of the London School of Film. CINAR will be quite the change for Fretz since the majority of films he has worked on have been rated R for violence and sexuality. CINAR only produces G rated children films.

"We are very pleased that Mr. Fretz is joining the CINAR team," said Peter Moss, President of CINAR Entertainment. "His varied background will be a valuable asset to CINAR's strong creative team renown for its top-quality children's animation, such as ARTHUR and Caillou."

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Details on Mr. Bean Cartoon Series
(by Mr. Bean will soon become a 52-part cartoon series with each episode lasting 11 minutes. According to producers, the animated Mr. Bean will stay true to the popular UK live action production. Rowan Atkinson, who played Mr. Bean in the live action series, will voice the animated character. In addition, Atkinson will act out the scenes for the animators.

The majority of the live action creators will also be involved with the Mr. Bean animated series, including Tiger Aspect, which produced the live action series and will be producing the animated series as well. Robin Driscoll, who was the main writer of the live action series, will be writing the animated Mr. Bean series. Production on the series is expected to last for two years.

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News Link of the Day - Nintendo Unveils Next Generation Game Boy

According to CNN:

"Nintendo Co. is out to prove that Mario doesn't need super-sophisticated computer graphics to sell. Game Boy Advance, the revamped version of the Game Boy portable video-game machine, is set to hit Japanese stores March 21 for 9,800 yen ($82) and U.S. stores for $99.95 on June 11..."

Click here for the full story.

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