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Tuesday - March 13, 2001
- The Muppets May be Acquired
- Sony Begins Work on Playstation 3 Console
- Big Idea to Release Animated Feature in 2002
- News Link of the Day - Robotic Dinosaur Draws Monster Crowds

The Muppets May Be Acquired
(by digitalmediafx.com) Walt Disney is one of several companies looking at spending hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire the rights to Jim Henson Productions, famous for The Muppets. The current owner, German based EM.TV, is facing financial problems and as a result is shopping its prized subsidiary around. Just over a year ago EM.TV acquired 100% of Jim Henson Productions in a $680 million stock and cash deal.

Disney, AOL Time Warner, Viacom, and even the management of Jim Henson Productions are all looking at a possible deal to acquire The Muppet empire.

EM.TV has faced numerous difficulties over the past several months. Its stock has plummeted and it is being investigated for insider trading.

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Sony Begins Work on Playstation 3 Console
(by digitalmediafx.com) Sony has started work on Playstation 3 (PS3) units, even while Playstation 2 (PS2) consoles are still hot off the press and in great demand. Sony just reached an agreement IBM which awards IBM the microprocessor contract for the PS3. The microprocessors for the current PS2 consoles are managed by Toshiba. Toshiba isn't completely out of the picture with the PS3s, however, as it will provide assistance to IBM with the PS3 microprocessors and continues to be strongly involved with PS2 and PS2 expansion projects.

PS3 won't be ready for distribution in the U.S. for at least another three years. In the meantime, Sony continues to strongly market the PS2 and prepare expansions for the PS2, including the ability for PS2 to access the Internet.

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Big Idea To Release Animated Feature in 2002
Big Idea Animator Drawing Image for Esther Video - Image Taken By digitalmediafx.com(by digitalmediafx.com) Big Idea, famous for its direct-to-video Veggie Tales series, is about to hit the big screen with their first computer animated feature. Next year, Big Idea will release Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie in theaters nationwide. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie will showcase Big Idea Productions' distinctive blend of animation, creative songs and storytelling on the big screen.

Big Idea has no second thoughts about making the move to the big screen. After all, its videos have sold over 20 million copies throughout the US, being amongst the best selling direct to videos in the industry.

Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie will retell, in VeggieTales comedy form, the classic Bible story of Jonah.

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News Link of the Day - Robotic Dinosaur Draws Monster Crowds

According to BBC News:

"School children in London, UK, are getting one step closer to the dinosaur era by flocking to see a lifelike robot of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

More than 13,000 people a day are visiting the Natural History Museum to see the four-metre- (13ft-) tall model, which looks, moves and even smells like a T-Rex...."

Click here for the full story.

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