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Friday - March 9, 2001
- Two New Animated Series Coming to ABC
- Celebrity Death Match: The Video Game
- Shrek Screening: Movie Very "Adult" in Content
- News Link of the Day - 'Land of the Mammoth' a Wild, Woolly Ice Age Adventure

Two New Animated Series Coming to ABC
Teamo Supremo Logo(by digitalmediafx.com) This fall, ABC will premiere two new animated series as part of its "Disney's One Saturday Morning" lineup. The first is a new animated series starring Mary-Kate and Ashley, which has yet to be named. The second is an original show from Walt Disney TV Animation titled "Disney's Teamo Supremo."

Mary-Kate and Ashley Animated Series
Commenting on the new Mary-Kate and Ashley animated series, Jonathan Barzilay, senior vice president and general manager of ABC's Children's Programming said, "Mary-Kate and Ashley are huge stars with kids and tweens, and we are delighted that ABC will be the home of their new animated series."

Mary-Kate and Ashley will star in their first-ever animated series, featuring the exploits of two sisters as movie actresses who star in a different action-packed, mini-movie adventure each episode. The girls will host a live-action lead-in to each episode's animated adventure. This represents their first time working with the Network since they executive-produced and starred in the movie "Switching Goals" for ABC's "Wonderful World of Disney."

"Teamo Supremo"The series will be produced by Dualstar Animation, a division of Mary-Kate and Ashley's Dualstar Entertainment Group, in association with DIC Entertainment. Mary-Kate and Ashley will serve as executive producers with Robert Thorne.

Disney's "Teamo Supremo"
Meanwhile, the new "Teamo Supremo" animated series will follow the adventures of a quirky triumvirate of superheroes: Captain Crandall, Rope Girl and Skate Lad, a group sworn to protect their state from the forces of evil ... and still finish all of their homework.

"With its unique visual look and non-stop action, adventure and comedy, 'Teamo Supremo' is a must-see for kids and animation fans alike," says Barry Blumberg, executive vice president, Walt Disney Television Animation.

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Celebrity Deathmatch: The Video Game
(by digitalmediafx.com) MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch is about to get a video game counterpart. Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. announced yesterday that development has started on a title related to the clay animation series, which is in its third season. Each TV episode features three no-holds-barred fantasy fights that will parody and poke fun at the worlds of film, television, music and politics through the use of clay renderings of today's celebrities pitted against each other in a ring. The game will apparently follow the same concept, allowing players to control the clay animation characters during the fight. No word on when the title will be released.

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Shrek Screening - Movie Very "Adult" in Content
(by digitalmediafx.com) On Wednesday, Shrek had its first full screening for a public audience at the ShoWest event in Las Vegas. Below are two pictures from the premiere. The first is a studio shot of the main Shrek characters at Las Vegas and the second is a picture of the Shrek ShoWest audience just prior to the film starting.

The Shrek Gang in Las Vegas Just Prior to the First Official Public Screening of Shrek

Word of mouth is very positive from adults who viewed the film, but they are warning parents with children that Shrek is a very adult oriented animated film with "much stronger adult type content than the PG-rated Titan A.E." In addition, there are warnings that the PG rating was pushed to its fullest parameter, just short of a possible PG-13 rating.

With the warning out of the way, adults who viewed the ShoWest screening are calling Shrek a very funny movie with excellent animation. It is pointed out that the humor is not "forced," thus creating more unique humor situations instead of simple silliness.

If the advanced screening is any indication, critics will give Shrek very high marks for adult entertainment with strong warnings to parents about taking their children to see the film.

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News Link of the Day - 'Land of the Mammoth' a Wild, Woolly Ice Age Adventure

According to The Salt Lake Tribune:

"If only Discovery Channel had been available during my school days to help perk up Earth science classes.

In fact, had we study programs as entertaining and enlightening as 'Land of the Mammoth,' grades would have skyrocketed.

Sunday's 'Land of the Mammoth,' which airs at 9 p.m., isn't the equal of last year's landmark 'Walking With Dinosaurs,' but it comes awfully close...."

Click here for the full story.

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