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Sunday - March 4, 2001
- Digital Media FX Magazine to Premiere Tomorrow
- 22 Films Reached Blockbuster Status in 2000
- Lucas and Spielberg: Actors Here to Stay
- News Link of the Day - Milne Widow Misses Out on Pooh's £240m Honeypot

Digital Media FX Magazine to Premiere Tomorrow
(by digitalmediafx.com) After 14 days of beta testing, Digital Media FX Magazine will premiere to the public tomorrow, March 5, 2001, 10 days ahead of schedule. With a marketing plan in place, Digital Media FX will focus on introducing animators, visual effects artists, and animation enthusiasts to the daily updates and community atmosphere that Digital Media FX provides. Tomorrow will also mark the premiere of the Contests area, the only section that didn't open during the beta testing period.

Digital Media FX wishes to thank everyone who assisted during the beta test period and particularly those who took the time to provide feedback. The Digital Media FX forums, in particular, have seen a high rate of activities since opening four days ago.

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22 Films (Two Animated) Reached Blockbuster Status in 2000
(by digitalmediafx.com) A total of 22 movies reached blockbuster status in the year 2000, grossing $100 million or more at the U.S. box office. Among the 22 films are two animated ones - Chicken Run and Dinosaur. Several visual effect filled movies were also in the list of 22 including Gladiator, Mission Impossible II, X-Men, Charlie's Angels, and The Perfect Storm. With 488 films released in 2000, these 22 blockbusters represented 38% of all business at theaters.

The marketing and distribution executives at the studios responsible for the blockbuster movies have been awarded with The 2001 ACNielsen EDI Gold Reel Award for excellence in marketing and distribution.

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Lucas and Spielberg: Actors Here to Stay
(by digitalmediafx.com) George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had some words to say about digital actors at the grand opening of the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts Opens at USC School of Cinema. Both claim that the press has overreacted to reports that digital actors may someday replace real actors and actresses in movies. Lucas went as far to call the reports a "melodrama" even though he's already demonstrated that technology can replace actors (i.e. Jar-Jar Binks in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace).

Both directors also pointed out that even if certain characters are computer generated in films, they still need an actor/actress for voicing, as animated films demonstrate.

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News Link of the Day - Milne Widow Misses Out on Pooh's £240m Honeypot

According to The Sunday Times, U.K.:

"The widow of Christopher Robin Milne, who as a boy was immortalized in his father's Winnie-the-Pooh books, will not receive a penny from a £240m payout by Disney that will benefit the Garrick club and Westminster school.

Under a deal agreed this weekend, believed to be the biggest in British literary history, Disney has bought the rights to exploit Tigger, Eeyore and Pooh for another 25 years..."

Click here for the full story.

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