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Thursday - March 1, 2001
- Disney Characters to Have Their Own Drinks
- Chicken Run Wins Animal Rights Award
- There's an Animated Elephant in my Bathroom
- News Link of the Day - Animated Series Are Tedious and Twisted

Have you had your Disney drink today?Disney Characters to Have Their Own Drinks
(by digitalmediafx.com) In a rather unique announcement, Disney and Coca-Cola have created a 15-year agreement to produce "Disney Drinks". Such drinks include "Pooh's 100 Acre Wood Apple-Berry" and "Mickey's X-treme Coolers." Both drinks have been created by The Minute Maid Company, an operating group of The Coca-Cola Company.

Over the course of the agreement, healthful juices, juice drinks, milk-based and water-based drinks, punches and smoothies will all be created and marketed with Disney fanfare.

Coca-Cola will release some of the new beverages within the U.S. this year and internationally in 2002.

In a press release statement, Andy Mooney, president of Disney Consumer Products Worldwide, said, "The Disney and Minute Maid brands have consistently delivered quality products and value to consumers for generations. This agreement represents an exciting new direction for Disney and a unique way to bring Disney magic to children worldwide."

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Chicken Run Wins Another Award - From An Animal Rights Group
(by digitalmediafx.com) Chicken Run has won many awards, including Best Picture in the 2001 Animatasia Awards, which recognize excellence in the field of animation. But the newest award the film has won is unlike any other. The animal rights group called Ark Trust have presented Chicken Run with a Best Feature Genesis Award for championing animal rights issues. According to the group, the movie provided viewers with "a creative and empathetic insight into chicken farming from the chickens' point of view."

The award will be officially presented at the groups ceremony on March 10 at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The Ark Trust, Inc., is a nonprofit, animal-protection organization and presenter of the Genesis Awards.

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There's An Animated Elephant in My Bathroom
DOY Soaps Commercial(by digitalmediafx.com) Trying to appeal to kids, the makers of DOY soaps contracted Graphiti Multimedia, an India-based studio, for some animation commercial help. The studio went to work, developing two animated commercials featuring DOY soaps shaped as playful characters. The goal of two commercials was to make kids look forward to bath time. Graphiti Multimedia used Cambridge Animation Systems’ Animo software along with 3D Studio MAX to develop two animated commercials featuring playful DOY soaps.

In a 20-second spot, Elephant, Duck and Lion are playing cricket when Elephant’s trunk becomes knotted. Teddy Bear comes to the rescue by plucking a feather from Duck and tickling Elephant until he sneezes, untying his trunk.

The second commercial, a 40-second spot, combines a live-action actor with two animated DOY characters. A young boy is out in his boat, the SS DOY, when he spots Patcheye the pirate preparing to attack. But never fear, DOY’s new superhero, Bathman, comes to the rescue by firing a water bomb that douses the evil Patcheye, allowing the boy to safely continue his journey.

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News Link of the Day - Animated Series are Tedious and Twisted
According to The Gazette:

"We've come a long way from yabba-dabba-do time with The Flintstones. Ever since The Simpsons brought animation out of the Stone Age and into prime time 11 years ago, television has been been awash in line drawings and dysfunctional cartoon families, from Bob and Margaret to South Park, each hoping to be the next to break out of the pack, reaping a run in syndication and lucrative spinoffs in movies, T-shirts, key rings and backpacks..."

Click here for the full story.

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