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Tuesday - June 19, 2001
- Final Fantasy Movie Licensing Details
- Shrek Fairy Tale Freakdown Sells Big
- Final Weekend Box Office Numbers
- News Link of the Day - Is Pearl Harbor a Bomb?

Final Fantasy Movie Licensing Details
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within(by The licensing campaign for Final Fantasy: The Spritis Within, which hits theaters on July 13, is underway as Square Pictures has outlined its various agreements as follows:

T-shirts for adults and children.

Halloween costumes for children and adults.



Great Eastern
Posters and wall scrolls.

Entertainment Calendars

Pocket Books

Brady Games
The "Making Of" Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within book.

Action figures and play sets.

Palisades Marketing
Action figures, statues, resin mini-busts, and lunch boxes.

Comic Images
Trading cards.

Sport Fun

"We're delighted to be working with manufacturers to create quality merchandise that we know will appeal to our fans," said Jun Aida President of Square Pictures. "We're looking to build our licensing program with licensees that can produce fun and innovative items to further promote the Square brand in additional categories."

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Shrek Fairy Tale Freakdown Sells Big
(by Shrek Fairy Tale FreakDown for Game Boy Color, which takes players on a irreverent comical fighting adventure as Shrek characters, broke into the Top 20 list for video game sales the first week of June. Overall, Shrek Fariy Tale FrekDown was the 17th best selling game. For Game Boy Color, it was the fifth best selling game.

In the game, players fight as characters from the movie, vying for the title of "Ultimate Champion." Players can compete as Shrek or as one of several well-known fairy tale characters, including Pinocchio, the Gingerbread Man, and the Big Bad Wolf.

Shrek Fairy Tale FreakDown for Game Boy Color is the first game to be released under TDK Mediactive's 5-year, worldwide licensing agreement with DreamWorks SKG. The next Shrek game will be released for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft in Fall 2001.

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Final Weekend Box Office Numbers
(by Final weekend box office numbers are in and here are the results for the top animated and visual effects movies:



Weekend Total

Overall Total

Tomb Raider

# 1

$47.7 Million

$47.7 Million

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

# 2

$20.3 Million

$20.8 Million


# 3

$13.2 Million

$197.5 Million

Pearl Harbor

# 5

$09.9 Million

$160.4 Million

The Mummy Returns

# 10

$02.7 Million

$193.5 Million

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News Link of the Day - Is Pearl Harbor a Bomb?

According to the Edmonton Journal:

"Pearl Harbor followed the Titanic formula to a T: Set a fictional, melodramatic love story against a universally known historical tragedy. Depict said tragedy after an hour and a half of said love story. Green-light $100 million plus budget. Make it run three hours long. Rake in the dough.

Well, except for that last part…"

Click here for the full story.

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