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Wednesday - February 28, 2001
- Digital Media FX Forums Open!
- Fat Albert: From Animation to Live Action
- 3DO Ships Army Men: World War - Final Front for the PlayStation
- News Link of the Day - Monkeybone is Animator's First Time Directing a Live Production

Digital Media FX Forums Open!
(by digitalmediafx.com) Today Digital Media FX opened its new forums where animators, animation enthusiasts, and FX artists can join together for intelligent conversations. The forums include many advanced features for users including:

- The ability for users to conduct polls with their messages.
- A calendar that tracks members birthdays and other forum events.
- Avatar images that users are allowed to use upon reaching certain post levels.
- Spell checking of messages

The new Digital Media FX forums currently contain eight topic areas:

  1. Digital Media FX Discussions
  2. Animated Movies
  3. Visual Effects
  4. Anime
  5. How To - FX and Animation
  6. TV Animation and Cartoons
  7. Video Games
  8. Off Topic

You can visit the new forums by clicking here.

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Fat Albert: From Animation to Live Action
(by digitalmediafx.com) It happened to The Flinstones, Josie and the Pussycats, Rocky & Bullwinkle, and now it is happening to Fat Albert. Another animated TV series is about to have a live action theatrical counterpart. The main difference is that the visionary behind the Fat Albert animated series, Bill Cosby, will also be a visionary behind the live action movie. The twist is that even though Fat Albert will become a live action film, the producer, John Davis, hints that it will also contain animated fantasy elements as well.

Cosby is serving as the executive producer for the movie and he will be co-writing it along with Charles Kipps.

The new Fat Albert live action movie is expected to be released summer of 2002.

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3DO Ships Army Men: World War - Final Front for the PlayStation
Army Men: World War - Final Front(by digitalmediafx.com) The popular 3DO Army Men game series has a new addition - Army Men: World War - Final Front. The 3DO Company announced yesterday that it has begun shipping the Army Men: World War - Final Front game for the PlayStation game console. The Army Men: World War - Final Front game is the follow-up to the latest Army Men: World War - Land Sea Air game and the final episode for the PlayStation game console in the Army Men: World War series.

The Army Men games became popular because users could control animated toy soldiers, brought to life much like the toy soldiers in Toy Story.

The Army Men: World War - Final Front game finds Tan forces on the move again, prompting the Green military juggernaut to spearhead a global assault against enemy installations located in a wide variety of settings including underwater, desert, mountain range, and more. A feature new to the Army Men: World War series, you are handed total control to numerous war vehicles such as tanks, submarines, and assault rafts.

While 3DO has begun shipping the game, most stores won't have them in stock until this Friday.

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News Link of the Day - Monkeybone is Animator's First Time Directing a Live Production
According to Kansas City Star:

"Directing animation, says Henry Selick, is a lot like playing God.

Working in the carefully controlled confines of an animation studio, you can create your own universe down to the smallest detail, populate it with creatures that behave exactly as you demand, and if something doesn't meet with your approval, you can send it back for re-doing...

But for his latest effort, Monkeybone, Selick found himself neck-deep in the world of conventional moviemaking -- a first for the animator..."

Click here for the full story.

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