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Tuesday - February 27, 2001
- Disney Trying to Get Best Song Academy Award Vote
- Game Developer Choice Award Nominations Announced
- Peter Pan to Show on Big Screen at El Capitan
- News Link of the Day - Lucas: The Titan of Tech

Disney Trying to Get Best Song Academy Award Vote
(by Disney has launched a major marketing campaign to try and persuade Academy Award voters to vote for "My Funny Friend and Me" by Sting and David Hartley for the animated movie The Emperor's New Groove. Disney is targeting print and online publications that Academy Award voters may read for promoting the nomation. Digital Media FX Magazine has obtained one of the online ads being used by Disney as follows:

Disney Ad

Clicking on the ad takes Academy Award voters to this site, where Disney has set up a special Academy Award Considerations area for "My Funny Friend and Me" and other Disney nominated productions (along with those Disney was trying to get a nomination for like Dinosaur for Best Original Score, which didn't occur). Competing against the Sting song from The Emperor's New Groove are songs from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Dancer in the Dark, Meet the Parents, and Wonder Boys.

In other award news, this past weekend the well known British awards, BAFTA, were presented. This is the first year that the BAFTA awards, by The Orange British Academy Film Awards, have occurred before the Academy Awards. The awards offer only one animation related award, presented as Best Short Animation. This year it went to "Father and Daughter" by Claire Jennings, Willem Thijssen, and Michael Dudok de Wit.

The three Academy Award nominations recognizing the best short animated productions are:

Father and Daughter
The Periwig-Maker

The three Academy Award nominations for Best Visual Effects are:

Hollow Man
The Perfect Storm

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Game Developer Choice Award Nominations Announced
(by The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and the CMP Game Media Group have announced the nominees for this year's Game Developers Choice Awards.
Here are the nominations in the major categories:

Game Developers Choice AwardsGame of the Year
- Deus Ex (ION Storm Austin)
- Jet Grind Radio (Smilebit)
- No One Lives Forever (Monolith)
- Shenmue (Sega AM2)
- The Sims (Maxis)

Excellence in Game Design
- Harvey Smith & Warren Spector - Deus Ex (game design)
- Sean Clark & Michael Stemmle - Escape from Monkey Island (puzzles)
- Shigeru Miyamoto & Eiji Aonuma - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (gameplay)
- Ragnar Tornquist - The Longest Journey (story)
- Neversoft team - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (gameplay)

Excellence in Programming
- Yu Suzuki & team - F355 Challenge (physics)
- Scott Guest & Andy Astor - Giants: Citizen Kabuto (graphics)
- Visual Concepts dev team - NFL2K1 (networking)
- Martin Brownlow - Sacrifice (graphics)
- Sims programming team - The Sims (AI)

The awards ceremony will be held during the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California on March 23, 2001 at the Civic Auditorium, starting at 7:30 p.m.

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Peter Pan to Show on Big Screen at El Capitan
(by Disney is about to bring Peter Pan back to the big screen for the first time in over 12 years. But it will only be showing on one screen - the El Capitan theater in Hollywood - every Saturday morning throughout the month of March.

The showing of Peter Pan is part of Disney's promotion for its El Capitan Saturday morning family entertainment program called Disney's "Wahoo Wagon." Disney's "Wahoo Wagon," which rolls in to the El Capitan every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m., offers family audiences live performances by singer/storyteller/dancer Leslie Carrara and her wacky ensemble of all new puppet characters. After the performances in March, Peter Pan will be shown on El Capitan's big screen.

Walt Disney's Peter Pan, first released in 1953, introduced moviegoers to an enchanted take on James M. Barrie's flight of fancy. The film follows a magical boy who won't grow up and his adventures with Wendy, John, and Michael Darling as they fly off to Never Land.

For ticket information, call 1-800-DISNEY-6.

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News Link of the Day - Lucas: The Titan of Tech
According to USA Today:

"George Lucas runs a mighty little empire built on the shoulders of the Star Wars films and his involvement with dozens of others through his effects company, Industrial Light & Magic. The heart of the operation is here at Skywalker Ranch, 6,000 guarded green acres in Marin County, that is home to Skywalker Sound (a post-production facility), THX (the theater sound system division) and various computer gaming and movie franchising arms. ILM, winner of 14 Oscars and up for another, is in a nearby office complex with plans to move to San Francisco's Presidio mid-decade..."

Click here for the full story and George Lucas Interview.

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