Details on Disney's DVD for The Emperor's New Groove and on the poor Box Office opening of Monkey Bone.
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Saturday - February 24, 2001
- Disney Announces The Emperor's New Groove DVD Release

- Monkey Bone Has Terrible Friday Opening

Disney Announces The Emperor's New Groove DVD Release
The Emperor's New Groove(by Walt Disney Home Video has announced that The Emperor's New Groove is coming to video and DVD on May 1, 2001.

The animated comedy, about an emperor turned into a Llama, opened poorly only to catch on during the holiday season and gross over $85 million at the Box Office.

Besides releasing The Emperor's New Groove to video and DVD, Disney is also releasing a special collector's two-disc set. Disney is known for its excellent DVD collector's set with the Fantasia Anthology winning the recent Best DVD Features Award in the 2001 Animatasia Awards, which recognizes excellence in animated movies and marketing.

The Emperor's New Groove 2-Disc DVD is titled "The Ultimate Groove" and includes all the regular DVD features, plus a behind-the-walls tour of Disney's Feature Animation Department. This feature follows the creation of a Disney animated film from Development, through Story and Editorial, to Layout and Backgrounds, Animation, Scanning and Ink & Paint, to Music and Sound. A dual-viewing option allows viewers to tour different departments on their own or take a complete guided tour.

Disney's suggested retail price for The Emperor's New Groove is $26.99 for the video, $29.99 for the DVD, and $39.99 for "The Ultimate Groove".

Here is a full list of the DVD bonus features:

Sting's "Making The Music" video featuring the Academy Award nominated song "My Funny Friend and Me" (2000 Best Original Song) as featured on The Emperor's New Groove soundtrack.

Rascal Flatts' music video featuring the song "Walk The Llama Llama" as featured on The Emperor's New Groove soundtrack, where viewers can learn to do the "Walk the Llama Llama" dance.

Set Top Game -- An Interactive Challenge For Parents and Their Children With the Voice Talents of Kronk (Patrick Warburton) and Yzma (Eartha Kitt).

Audio Commentary by the Filmmakers - Director Mark Dindal, Producer Randy Fulmer and More.

Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
Character Voices
Animation Team's Research Trip To Peru
Creating Computer Generated Images

Deleted Scene: Destruction of Pacha's Village

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Monkey Bone Has Terrible Friday Opening
(by Monkey Bone opened to a poor reception on Friday when the new live action mixed with stop motion animation movie failed to make even $1 million and is destined to finish the weekend with under $3 million.

Distributed by 20th Century Fox, Monkey Bone is a PG-13 rated comedy about a cartoonist who goes into a coma and has to team up with one of his creations to save his own life.

On Friday, Monkey Bone made under $800,000, failing to make it into the Top 10 films for Friday even though it was a new release.

This is Fox's second big disaster involving animation in the past year. Titan A.E. was the first when it performed poorly last summer and is credited as one of the main reasons that Fox's then movie chief, Bill Mechanic, was dismissed. The Titan A.E. Box Office disaster also resulted in the closure of Fox Animation Studios.

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