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Film Archivist Shows Banned Bugs Bunny Cartoons

(by Dennis Nyback, a film archivist, is turning a deaf ear to copyright lawsuit threats in order to present the public with, "Bad Bugs Bunny: The Dark Side of Warner Bros. Animation." On Saturday, Nyback showed banned Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoons, with apparent racism and sexism, to a captive audience at the Grand Illusions in Seattle, WA. This isn't the first time Nyback has shown the films, nor will it be the last.

Nyback is a collector of thousands of classic and rare films. When Nyback tours, he often shows animated films from his collection, including some silent Gertie the Dinosaur shorts. But most of the stuff Nyback shows is controversial or "banned". At a 1997 event in San Francisco, where Nyback showed the banned bugs bunny cartoons and other controversial animations, the SF Weekly said the following: "Sexism, racism, plagiarism, Mormonism: The mostly animated mini-film festival curated by film archivist and historian Dennis Nyback has 'em all."

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