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Monday - April 30, 2001
- Shrek Characters in Reading Ads
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- Writers Contract With Studios Ends Tomorrow!
- News Link of the Day - Shrek: A Marketing Masterpiece

Shrek AdShrek Characters in Reading Ads
(by When Disney's critically acclaimed Beauty and the Beast animated feature hit theaters in 1991, Belle started popping up in Public Service Ads encouraging kids to read. Now, a decade later, Shrek characters are set to begin popping up in ads - newspaper ads to be specific - also encouraging kids to read.

Shrek, the Ogre from DreamWorks upcoming Shrek animated movie, and his best friend, Donkey, are the latest characters to be featured in ads from the Newspaper Association of America encouraging young people to read. The ads are timed to run in conjunction with the movie's release on May 18.

"It's great fun to tie in the ad campaign with such a unique film," noted NAA Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer John E. Kimball. "Young people love these movie characters, and showing them with a newspaper is a great way to communicate a positive message about reading. We've gotten great feedback from members about the terrific response they get from running the ads in their markets."

Visit the Digital Media FX Shrek Site (News section) to view the ads.

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Emperor's New Groove Ultimate 2-Disc CollectionRelease Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
(by This is a big week for fans of The Emperor's New Groove and the Superman movies, which dominate this week's listings. Here is the list of tomorrow's releases:

The Emperor's New Groove (2000 - Animated)
The Emperor's New Groove Ultimate 2-Disc Collection (2000 - Animated)
Farscape #3 TV Series (1999 - FX)
The Complete Superman Collection (FX)
Superman: The Movie Special Edition (1978 - FX)
Superman II (1981 - FX)
Superman III (1983 - FX)
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987 - FX)

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Writers Contract with Studios Ends Tomorrow!
(by Tomorrow, May 1, 2001 will mark the end of the writers contract with major Hollywood studios and could result in a long drawn-out strike. The Financial Times quotes one unnamed writer source as saying, "We have enough set aside to hold out for two years."

Studios have also had time to prepare for a long drawn-out strike, stocking up on TV shows and the more popular reality programming.

According to The Times, "By the end of this week every writer in Hollywood could be on strike and from July 1 the actors could also be on strike, shutting down film and television production."

The Associated Press adds, "If the writers walk out, the first victims would be daily soap operas and late-night variety shows, followed by sitcoms and hour-long dramas if a strike drags on."

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News Link of the Day - Shrek: A Marketing Masterpiece

According to Digital Media FX's Shrek Site:

"Part of the success of any movie is how well that movie is marketed and how early the marketing begins in order to build anticipation.

If movie marketing was a grade on a report card then DreamWorks would easily receive an A+ for Shrek. If it was rated on a scale of 1 to 10, DreamWorks would receive a 12..."

Click here for the full story.

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