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Monsters, Inc. Expands for Second Weekend

(November 9, 2001 - by After a mammoth opening last weekend, Monsters, Inc. has expanded from 3,237 theaters to 3,269 theaters. In its first 6 days at the box office, Monsters, Inc. has amassed an amazing $73.3 million. By late next week it could enter the Top 10 Animated Films of All Time list, bumping off 101 Dalmations, which currently resides at #10 with a final box office tally of $144.8 million. Prior to Monsters, Inc., Shrek had been the quickest to reach the top 10 list, doing so in only 17 days and eventually moving up to the #2 spot.

Monday is U.S. holiday, Veteran's Day, in which most schools will be closed.

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