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Monsters, Inc. Fantasy Outtakes
by Digital Media FX Forum users

Digital Media FX readers have been busy devising creative fantasy outtake ideas for Pixar's Monsters, Inc. Pixar has popularized the concept of outtakes (for viewers) with many of its antics that appeared in Toy Story 2 keeping audiences laughing well after the end of the movie.

Digital Media FX readers have been using the dFX Forums to come up with some creative concepts for Monsters, Inc. outtakes. Here are select ideas (which contain spoilers) provided by the following dFX forum members: Ilsoap, Andrew K., Gordg, JDWeil, Streep, and Alphawolf.

Monsters, Inc. Fantasy Outtakes:

Sulley inserts the last piece of door, and the whole thing collapses, leaving everybody in hysterics.

Mike and Sully don't know the camera is still on and we hear...

Mike: "You think this picture will do okay in the box office?"

sully: "It should, why are you concerned?"

Mike: "Hey look pal, I'm a walking eye! how many parts do you think I'm going to get offered?!"

Sully: "IF it fails, no biggie to me, I hear Lucas might be casting a new Wookie for chewy's younger self, I already got the brown hair dye for the audition."

The scene when boo is handing toys, have her hand Mr. Potato head and he sneezes, allergic to Sully so they have to replace with Jessie or Jessie is allergic and being worried about being cut from the scene. (considering that there may or may not be a Toy Story III she could be worried about working.)

Randall opens the door to his next scare, runs through it, and hits a brick wall. The rest of the monsters start laughing.

The director yells "Cut!" and Boo's voice drops several octaves a la Baby Herman from "Roger Rabbit" and starts talking like a stevadore.

Boo does NOT follow the trail of Cherrios that Sulley leaves.

When Boo is hanging on to Sulley's back ... Sulley turns around too quickly and she flies off and slams into a locker.

Mike could lose a contact lens.

You can see more outtake ideas by clicking here to go to the official thread in the Digital Media FX forums. As more ideas are added to the forum this page will also be updated to reflect select concepts.

Digital Media FX - The Power of Imagination

this feature was last updated on November 14, 2001

If you would like to post your ideas to the Digital Media FX forums, first register to receive your login name and password. If you would prefer, you can email your outtake ideas to joetracy@earthlink.net (with the subject header "Monsters, Inc. Outtakes") and they will be added to the forums for you with the possibility of being added to this feature.

Ideas presented here could overlap with concepts already thought of by Pixar. For this reason, ideas posted to the forums and here should be considered public domain ideas and concepts.

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