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Ozzy's Black Skies Announced for Playstation 2

(May 18, 2001) IROCKInteractive has announced plans to bring a new game, Inspired by Ozzy Osbourne, to the Playstation 2 by the end of this year titled Ozzy’s Black Skies. The video game will transport players to an edgy fantasy world created from the music and imagery of the Ozzy Osbourne. A 3D flight combat game, Ozzy’s Black Skies is a flying-action creature experience. Featuring single player mission-based gameplay and multiplayer battles, players maneuver 24 fantasy dragon beasts through intense action and furious, fast-paced gameplay in dozens other worldly environments.

Ozzy’s Black Skies focuses on aerial combat where the player rides large flying beasts such as dragons, griffons, demons and other fantasy creatures. The gameplay sensation is quite different from piloting a plane or machine, instead the feel and motions are organic and simulate riding a living, breathing creature. Each beast offers different flight characteristics, energy consumption and special abilities. Players will build a stable of creatures as the game progresses and will select equipment and weaponry to match. Mounted on their steeds, players perform maneuvers such as turns, dives, climbs, glides, hovers, and even swooping attacks to pick up and drop ground objects.

“In the empire of Fraewyn, in the land of Ozz, a king named Ozzy ruled with a firm yet respected hand.” Thus begins the player on an epic journey through a mythological kingdom unfolding in three intertwining timelines. The player competes for victory in missions for three distinct factions; each led by a warrior alter ego of King Ozzy. The tale has three endings and spans over 30 missions through expansive environments. In the beginning each character starts out as a young man, and over the course of the campaign grows and changes into a powerful warrior with magical endowments. The ultimate Ozzy’s include:

Nobleman Ozzy - the son of a lord and lady, is the reincarnation of King Ozzy’s virtuous side. He is on a crusade to rid Ozz of those that oppose his beloved kingdom.

Dark Ozzy - born of a respected sorceress, he is the embodiment of King Ozzy’s scientific and magical inquisitiveness as he leads the Chrysalis campaigns.

Madbeast Ozzy - fathered by Mortalvis, the reincarnation of King Ozzy’s evil side, he is filled with bitter hatred for all living things and wages wars under the Pariah campaigns.

The mythical themes of Ozzy Osbourne’s music inspired Ozzy’s Black Skies game concept with its fantasy creatures, warrior characters, and other worldly environments. Through it all, the music of Osbourne reflects the pace and mood of gameplay situations.

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