Jim Hill explores Pixar secrets from Monsters, Inc. including the original storyline that was shelved.
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Disney and Pixar Press Release

(April 21, 2002) Following the tremendous success of "Monsters, Inc.," Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios today announced their next three films:

First up is "Finding Nemo." Set for release in summer 2003, "Finding Nemo" is being written and directed by Academy Award(R)-nominee Andrew Stanton, who served as co-director and co-screenwriter of the 1998 hit "A Bug's Life" and was co-screenwriter of "Toy Story," "Toy Story 2" and "Monsters, Inc." "Finding Nemo," a visually stunning underwater adventure, follows the comedic and eventful journeys of two fish -- a father and his son Nemo -- who become separated in the Great Barrier Reef.

Albert Brooks provides the voice of Nemo's fretful father who risks life and fin to find his son. Newcomer Alexander Gould is heard as the adventurous young Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres voices Dory, a forgetful but relentlessly optimistic companion that father meets during his travels. Willem Dafoe lends his voice to Gill, a tough-talking maverick who befriends and looks after the stray Nemo. Geoffrey Rush voices Nigel, a peculiar pelican with a soft spot for all species except seagulls, and Barry Humphries gives a biting performance as a "vegetarian" great white shark.

For the 2004 holiday season, Pixar is currently in production on "The Incredibles," a fantastic new action-adventure comedy from acclaimed director Brad Bird ("The Iron Giant"). In this clever comedy, a family of undercover superheroes, struggling to live a quiet suburban life, is forced into action to save the world.

Pixar's Executive Vice President of Creative and two-time Academy Award(R)-winning director John Lasseter is the Executive Producer for both "Finding Nemo" and "The Incredibles."

For holiday 2005, Pixar is in production on "Cars," with John Lasseter returning to the director's chair to helm his fourth film. A high-octane adventure comedy, "Cars" features a wide assortment of cars as characters that get their kicks on Route 66.

Thomas Schumacher, President of Walt Disney Feature Animation, noted, "In addition to their great artistry and cutting edge technology, Pixar has a unique ability to create films with tremendous heart and humor. Working with John Lasseter and all of the creative geniuses at Pixar on the past four films has been a wonderful experience."

John Lasseter concluded, "Pete Docter has done such an amazing job with 'Monsters, Inc.' and it is enormously rewarding to see the film find such acceptance worldwide. Everyone at Pixar is equally excited about Andrew Stanton's film, 'Finding Nemo,' Brad Bird's film, 'The Incredibles,' and my new film, 'Cars.' Pixar is a great environment for filmmakers and we love telling stories that add joy and entertainment to moviegoers everywhere."

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