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An Inside Look at Destination: Atlantis
Page 4 - "The Surface" and "The Ocean Depths"

Destination Atlantis

The most popular interactive area for kids is upstairs - The Surface - where kids can play Atlantean Laser Tag.

When visitors enter the Mission Briefing Area of Atlantean Laser Tag, they watch a training video and suit up. There are two teams - the Red team and the Green team - split into groups of 10. When given the signal teams enter the large glow in the dark (and fog filled) laser tag maze and the battle begins. Battles usually last for four minutes and their is a public viewing area. During the battle dramatic music from the movie plays to enhance the experience.

Disney has made all of its exhibits, including this one, friendly for disabled people. The entire Destination: Atlantis exhibit has wheelchair access and even allows blind people with seeing eye dogs to fully participate in the activities.

Now lets descend to The Ocean Depths:

When you first enter The Ocean Depths, you are allowed to create your own Atlantean necklace, including a "crystal" like the one Kida and other Atlantean's wore in the movie. What's funny is that some of the kids will make their crystal necklace then run up to The Vortex room and try to insert the crystal into the Atlantean Ketak vehicles as shown in the movie. Unfortunately there isn't a place for the crystal on the vehicles!

Disney has set up several "Build Your Own Atlantis The See it Crumble into the Sea" exhibits where kids first build an empire on the land mass. After it is built, visitors press a red button. A loud warning buzzer goes off then...

An earthquake strikes and Atlantis is destroyed with most pieces falling into the depths of the sea...

The "Learn to Speak Atlantean" exhibit helps teach visitors certain phrases in Disney's Atlantean language. Visitors put on the headsets then select one of the buttons correlating to the desired phrase. The language is then spoken in both English and Atlantean.

Disney also has interactive areas to help visitors learn to write and decode in the Atlantean language. Visitors can then take a piece of chalk and write in Atlantean on huge walls and pillars specially designed for this purpose.

If you tire of learning Atlantean, there are plenty of game areas where guests can play official Disney Atlantis games on systems like Game Boy Color.

Other interactive areas within "The Ocean Depths" include coloring and taking blank sheets, putting them against a plate and rubbing them to create an impression of a scene from Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire

The Destination: Atlantis exhibit also features costumed characters from the movie that walk around the exhibit and interact with the visitors.

Seeing Atlantis: The Lost Empire at the El Capitan Theatre will cost $13 per person. The price grants visitors access to the historic El Capitan Theatre to see Atlantis: The Lost Empire projected digitally. After the movie, guests are given free access to the Destination: Atlantis exhibit next door. It's definitely worth not only visiting this exhibit, but every exhibit that Disney puts out annually. Like this year, last year's Dinosaur exhibit was extremely well planned and executed. The time and effort that goes into such a production shines. The exhibits have been going for several years, starting back with Pixar's animated Toy Story.

The Historic El Capitan Theatre is located in Hollywood at 6838 Hollywood Boulevard. This is across the street from the equally famous Mann's Chinese Theater. It is also where the Hollywood Walk of Fame (stars with the names of Hollywood greatest actors and actresses) grace the footpath of visitors. Atlantis is airing digitally at the El Capitan through July 15, 2001. The show times are 9:30am, 11:50am, 2:10pm, 4:35pm, 7:00pm, and 9:20pm. The ticket ordering line is 1-800-347-6396. Ticket prices are $13 for adults and $11 for children.


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