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An Inside Look at Destination: Atlantis
Page 2 - Whitmore's Library

Destination Atlantis

After touring the entrance aquarium exhibits for Destination: Atlantis the next stop is Whitmore's Library. The purpose of Whitmore's Library is to give visitors a behind the scenes look at Atlantis: The Lost Empire, including the ability to view actual collections that inspired the animators.

The collections shown on this page were all part of an in-house museum located in the Disney Animation building where animators would go for inspiration and reference.

The centerpiece in Whitmore's Library is a replica model of the Ulysses that you can walk around and study. The Ulysses was designed by Matt Codd with technical design details by Jim Martin. It was modeled by Greg Aronowitz. This specific model was also used to build the digital model that was used in the movie's complex action scenes.

The room is also full of displays dedicated to each character in the movie:

In 1997, the Atlantis Creative Team (for the animated movie) traveled to Washington D.C. to visit several museums and private collections. It was the goal of Producer Don Hahn to capture the feeling of 1914 for the movie. So the Atlantis Creative Team not only viewed early 1900 military machines and artifacts from historic expeditions, but it also arranged to have private collections loaned to Disney for inspiration in creating the movie. The private collections first went to the Disney Animation building where animators could reference them. After the movie was complete, the collections went to the Destination: Atlantis exhibit (as shown above) next to the El Capitan Theatre, where the public can view them. After the exhibit ends on July 15, 2001, the collections will be returned to their owners.

An exhibit for The Shepherd's Journal - a major element in the movie. No, The Shepherd's Journal did not exist in real life.

Whitmore's Library also contains detailed information on current expeditions, in real life, taking place to find the fabled city of Atlantis.

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